Trusting God for Provision (Special Letter)

So much of the Christian life involves trusting God over self. When we come to Christ, we trust in Jesus for salvation. When we have children, we trust the Father will teach us how to raise them. With God-ordained risks, like moving across country or going on missions, we must trust God holds us close.

Campus ministry is similar. When we present the gospel to non-Christian students, we must trust the Holy Spirit to use us. With every new year, we must believe God will raise up student leaders. For every evangelistic outreach or Bible study, we need to depend on God for power.

Additionally, Jenn and I have the joy of trusting God to provide financially through the generosity of partners like you.

The reason that we called this letter “special” above is to ask if you might be in the position to give a special one-time gift at this time.  We’ve recently had a few monthly supporters who, due to financial hardships, have needed to drop off of our financial team.  We are working on raising additional monthly support to make up for this loss, but our greatest need is to cover weekly private therapies and medical expenses that our son Gianluca has had and will have in 2016 because of his on-going struggle with autism spectrum disorder.  We also must cover several upcoming conferences.

Like last year, the total amount we are trusting God to provide is $3800. This covers Gianluca’s therapies for 12 months, which are $280/month out-of-pocket, and it covers some other ministry needs as well.

Would you prayerfully consider helping us reach these funds by giving a special gift of $500, $250, $75 or some other amount? 

Make checks payable to “Cru” and mail them back with provided envelope by December 15th. You can also give online: All gifts are tax-deductible! Feel free to contact us with any questions:

Whatever you decide, our deep appreciation for you is unwavering. We’re so grateful to the Lord for you.

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