Back & Forth at Seton Hall Univ.

Almost 10 years ago before Jenn and I were on staff, the Lord opened up doors for Cru to get established at Seton Hall Univ. Unfortunately, because we did not then get the approval from a key administrator, those doors were closed and our staff team stepped away for a while.

Fast forward to the fall of 2013, when the Lord again opened up doors for ministry at the university. Rather than immediately pursue recognition from the school, our key 4 student leaders simply did covert ministry, where they hosted a weekly Bible study and used this to invite friends and classmates to grow in Christ or be exposed to the gospel of Jesus!

Of course they desired recognition, for this would open even more doors to share the gospel! So after months of planning, they presented to the student government in May of 2014, but we were declined recognition because, once more, the key higher-up (Director of Campus Ministry) did not grant us his approval.

Earlier this year in May 2015, two of our student leaders met with this official face-to-face. We wrote about it here. In that meeting, he gave our students his verbal word that we would get his approval! Unfortunately, one week later, this Seton Hall admin was fired.

This of course left our team of student leaders and I confused. But we kept praying and were hopeful about gaining recognition this fall 2015.

However, we have yet to see this come to fruition. Although I have been meeting and praying with our Seton Hall leaders, and although they have done everything in their power to get recognized, we still need the approval from the new Director of Campus Ministry. We have yet to hear from him.

12119129_776740349780_7230229111314502495_nDespite all this, God is still touching hearts at Seton Hall! Our two core leaders, Damaris and Jeremiah, are doing wonderfully at teaching the weekly Bible studies, where about 20 students come every week. Many regular attendees are not-yet believers but come because they are close friends with our Christian students. They are regularly being exposed to the gospel of Jesus!! We even have had Seton Hall alumni (Joshua in picture) teach at the weekly meetings! So we praise God for this.

Please pray for Seton Hall! We do not want to accept defeat. Pray everything comes together so we might get recognition, and in doing so give even more glory to Christ. Please pray as well for our two core student leaders, Jeremiah and Damaris; pray the Lord gives them strength and that the Lord sends more mature leaders our way. Pray for me as their coach, that I follow the Holy Spirit’s wisdom and strategy and not merely my own.

Thank you!

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