Students Broken by Sex and Alcohol

Jesus broke into human history to become broken himself, so that broken people could become whole in him! He offers forgiveness, healing and intimacy with the living God! Most Jersey students do not know about the sweetness of Jesus. They are broken and confused in so many ways. Let me highlight two of those ways with recent experiences on campus.

First, there’s sex and intimacy. One tragic report reveals most sexual assaults that happen to freshmen women occur within the first two weeks on campus. Many students swiftly move through many relationships, seeking wholeness. Generally, the consensus is that sex is a casual interaction, and that it is just part of the college experience. Sadly, Rutgers Univ. is known as an STD capitol among schools.

Knowing these facts makes it crucial for students to hear great Bible teaching about sex and intimacy. At the Montclair State Univ. weekly meeting on 9/16, I got to share about exactly this. I highlighted God’s design for sex in marriage, and I also explained that it is only through intimacy with God that we can be wholly satisfied. There were over 40 students in the room! My prayer is that those who heard the gospel for the first time would see Jesus as savior and trust in him! I also would love for our Christian students to grow as mature men and women, whose future marriages reflect the beauty of Christ and God’s design for sex and intimacy.

The second area of brokenness is college drinking. 4/5 college students drink, and half of those who drink participate in binge-drinking. 1,825 students die each year because of alcohol-related incidents. 599,000 students receive unintentional injuries while under the influence of alcohol. This is a catastrophe.

Last Thursday on 9/17 at the campus of New Jersey City Univ., I crossed paths with someone who was reading a Bible. Seeing as he might be a Christian or a seeker, I quickly approached him and invited him to our Bible study. He gleefully accepted! And as he shuffled for his phone in his backpack, I noticed 4-6 bottles of beer clanking around. We exchanged info, and I went on my way.

To my surprise, he came to meeting! With a huge friendly smile, he participated in the discussion. Later that day, a female student leader told me that he offered her a flower and a bottle of his alcohol. She of course threw those away. I don’t know this student’s story. I’m not sure where he stands spiritually, but this strange experience just highlights student brokenness. To carry around a bag filled with beers and offer them to others is a cry for satisfaction. Please pray that the Holy Spirit would reveal how awesome Jesus is to this student. (Pray as well that if he is a threat to our ladies, he would no longer interact with them).

Thank you for joining us in this very worthy mission to see Jesus make broken students whole!

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