First 2 Weeks On Campus!

In college ministry, not all weeks are equal. During the first 2 weeks on campus, students – especially incoming freshmen – make serious choices. What friends, majors, clubs and worldviews they pursue are all decisions likely make within these first ten days.

Our staff team (pictured), Jersey Metro Cru, is praying hard for these weeks. Our desire is to make Jesus known more loudly and boldly to reach freshmen and students in general in this key timeframe.

Connecting with lost students and Christian students is so crucial that we implement a rapid-fire approach. Some schools, like Montclair State Univ., are prayerfully preparing simple, relational outreaches almost every one of the 10 days. There will be ice cream socials, campus scavenger hunts and meet-and-greets. Our first weekly meetings, as well, will have a great gospel focus, where we present the hope of Jesus to newcomers.

At other schools with smaller movements, like New Jersey City Univ. and Seton Hall Univ., we will still pray hard for the 2 weeks and use our main weekly meetings as meet-and-greets, where we present the hope of Christ. We’re also present at every club/activities fair, engaging students and giving away materials; club fairs are a huge opportunity!

All staff members and student leaders are launching this initiative at all of our 25 movements across Jersey! Some schools are able to host things like spoken-word events, bring in a guest speaker to talk about relevant faith issues and even host sport competitions.

Whatever the outreach, our goal is to make Christ known through the leading of Holy Spirit. We have seen many new believers and student leaders arise out of this key timeframe. Pray for us as we connect with current student leaders and begin ministry this semester. Pray for the hearts and ears of the lost to be open to Jesus. Pray for a mighty move of God that only he can accomplish!

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