Live-Streamed Talks All Summer Long

Over 3,000 students are serving on different summer mission trips with Cru right now.

As one of my summer assignments, I get to be apart of a new, exciting online summer mission!

About 1,000 more students across the U.S. have signed up for a new initiative called Summer Connect with Cru. Summer Connect’s goal is to host weekly, live-streamed and interactive talks by nationally known speakers. Many students and schools are hosting life-changing small groups; others are signed on to the live-stream individually.

Personally, I get to be part of the programming team that plans each meeting, gets the slides ready and makes the technology work.

Every week has a theme, and there is lots of interaction on social media.


It’s been real exciting seeing students from all across the U.S. sign in, ready to hear and apply a Biblical message.

11407123_833090223434707_4665136862263598898_n 10408547_833090256768037_1831798991053803145_n

Here is the latest one about evangelism. It’s great!

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