Summer Assignments

As for this summer, Jenn and I won’t be going on a summer mission like last year, but we will be plenty busy. My main role is “Intern Coach,” where I get to train the next generation of interns as they raise up their team of ministry partners this summer.  It’s such a privilege.  June’s prayer letter will be about my interns and their backgrounds.

We will also get to disciple student leaders from our Jersey schools through the summer, since many of them live near us! Additionally, I have some media projects to work on for the ministry: videos, websites, etc. And Jenn is engaged in finding a new location for our Alumni Reunion and Fellowship Dinner, which will take place next spring.

Our last summer responsibility we have is to trust God for over $1000 in monthly support. We have recently had supporters who, due to financial hardships, had to suspend their giving. But we are hopeful! And we are excited to personally connect with believers and ask them to join this exciting ministry with their generosity!

Every May, we like to present an opportunity for you to give special one-time gifts. For those already giving monthly, thank you! We are so grateful for you. Any gifts you give this month will go toward our ongoing ministry and personal needs. Would you prayerfully consider giving a special gift of any amount? Whatever you decide, we are so grateful for you!

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