Missions in DR from May 19 – July 1


Jesus actually came to save lost people like you and me! He literally lived the perfect life! He died for our sins. And he rose again to prove he is God and finish the work of salvation! He sent his Holy Spirit to convict people of their sins but also to empower his people to GO INTO ALL THE WORLD AND PREACH THE GOSPEL.

This “going” shouldn’t and won’t stop until Jesus returns and calls us home. Until then, there is more work to be done in sending laborers or going as laborers into the harvest field of world missions.

Jenn and I get to do this in Dominican Republic for SIX WEEKS. Along with two other Cru staff from our region, we get to lead 9 American students in reaching the over 150, 000 college students of Santo Domingo! We are humbled and OVERJOYED! Our Spirit-lead goal in DR is to reach students who don’t know Christ and spread the news about this life-giving relationship they can have with a loving and forgiving Savior, Jesus! We’ll be joining the existing movement in the city as they seek to raise the banner of Jesus higher and higher. Take a look at our schedule to get an idea of how you can pray for us!

In order to make our goal of getting all four of us there (yes our children are coming!), we needed your help in raising support to cover travel, vaccines, housing, food, materials and other ministry expenses for all four of us! We prayed and had to trust that God would provide the funds, about $8,000, and we asked you to join us in this mission to share the Gospel with lost students in Santo Domingo.

PRAISE JESUS! He raised $7500 of our goal since we asked for support. THANK YOU for giving generously to JESUS’ mission in DR.

Please pray for us! We’ll be there from May 19 to July 1. We leaved from Dulles Airport near Washington DC with the whole team, so as a family, we’ll have to head down the night before and stay over a friend’s home. Or else it’ll be too much for our boys.

Pray specifically for the travel to DR, that our kids will behave and it would all work out. Pray that our staff and students would retain great love for JESUS and his mission on this project. Pray that the Holy Spirit would fill us with power and boldness for witnessing in DR. THANK YOU!

If you still want to give, there’s plenty of time. Go to https://give.cru.org/0635206!

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