Praise Jesus for NEW LIFE!

Pic taken at our statewide worship gathering. I am on the left. Jeffrey is on the right. Our friend Joel is in between us.

Jesus is a great savior and deserves all the glory and honor for what he’s done on campus this year! As the semester winds down and students are bombarded by finals, it’s so encouraging to see that they have not neglected the mission to win their campuses for Christ!

At Montclair State Univ., God has been so gracious to us in sending several committed young men to be part of our movement! You may remember that this was a BIG prayer request since September 2013. Well God answered your prayers! And all of this spring 2014 semester, more and more young men have been finding their way to Cru. I even have had the pleasure of leading two men’s groups every week, where we got to study scripture, pray and grow close to JESUS! It’s been great!

603644_742694339108494_4658232473345935164_nOne of those young men, Jeffrey (left), has especially been growing! In the fall semester, an actual cult on campus lured Jeffrey in. They paraded around as Christians until the Holy Spirit quickened Jeffrey’s discernment and he left! He’s been coming to Cru since and has been actively leading prayer gatherings and evangelism! He’s awesome!

And he even got to see Kevin, one of his dorm mates, come to JESUS!! He shared the whole story with me, so it could encourage you:

“Seeing Kevin not only come to put his faith in Jesus but also seeing how he has grown from it is a genuine blessing. The first day I meet Kevin I was able to share the gospel with him and a group of his friends while we were having a conversation about “spirits.” As I was explaining to this group of college students how spirits and demons operate I noticed that they all almost looked hypnotized just as they heard my every word. I knew the Holy Spirit was leading me to share that when we invite Christ into our lives we have authority to conquer any evil that may try to come against us.

“I would later find out that Kevin lived two doors away from me in my dorm floor. There in his room I shared that Jesus offers eternal life to those who would put their faith in him. He seemed almost in awe, so I took the opportunity to ask him if he wanted to put his complete faith in Jesus and to ask him to be the Lord of his life. As he agreed and prayed I was in complete awe of how God used me when sharing the gospel was not on my agenda. Since then Kevin has steadily been growing and I know God will use him in ways he can’t even imagine yet.

“Cru has expressed to me how serious the commission that Jesus gave us is. The lives of our friends, families and others are at stake and we need to live in the purpose God has called us to live in.”

Isn’t that great?! JESUS is truly great! And sharing his world-changing and life- changing gospel is worth every risk! Praise HIM for using Jeffrey in bringing Kevin to Jesus! Please pray for Jeffrey and Kevin’s continued growth! Jeffrey will be going to an inner city summer mission trip with Cru in Seattle!

Speaking of missions trips, here’s an update on ours:

Praise God! As of May 5, 2014, He has brought in over $5900 towards our needed $8000 for our whole family to go and reach lost students in Santo Domingo! There’s still time to give before we leave on May 19th! Please use the envelope we sent last month for checks or go to THANK YOU!

Also, since we will be away from May 19 – July 2 for our mission trip to Dominican Republic, we will not send out another hard-copy letter until late July. But Check out this blogfor more updates and even a video where students share their stories!

Love you all! We are deeply thankful for every one of you!

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