Big Blitz Spring Break


Spring break 2014 was a blitz for Jesus! During our spring break weeks, Cru asked NJ students who were on spring break to go as missionaries to NJ schools that were still in session! From March 12-13, we blitzed William Paterson Univ. and Rutgers New Brunswick with the gospel. A total of 15 students and staff were present for the first blitz! We’ll also be blitzing Stockton and Montclair State Univ. from March 19-20 for the second blitz.

The results were God-ordained! Just like Philip and the Eunuch in Acts 8, we trusted Jesus to place us in the right conversations with the right people at the right time. And he did! As a team, we got to share the hope of Jesus with dozens of students. For this prayer letter, I want to highlight two!

Our first interaction was with a group of four students of different ages but of the same spiritual convictions. Their names were Mustafa, Treyvon, AJ and Bobby. As we asked them lots of grace-filled questions about their spiritual backgrounds, they all echoed the same belief: “God is distant but good and always has my back! As long as you work hard on you, you’re okay.” Then the conversation turned to Jesus!

We were able to communicate that God not only is good from a distance but he cares to be involved in our lives. We explained that sin severed our relationship with this holy God, but that he loved the world so much that he sent his one and only son Jesus. Anyone who would believe in the perfect life of Jesus, the death and the resurrection of Jesus as the work of salvation would not perish in their sins but have eternal life.  At this point, Bobby objected and felt that John 3:16 made salvation too easy.

“Why do y’all Christians always point to that verse?” he wondered, “There’s so much more, like making sure you’re doing right from wrong.”

We affirmed Bobby’s question! And by God’s Spirit, we showed that the law (which he was referring to) points to Jesus, who fulfilled the law for us, since we could not. They had to run, but thankfully we made much of and pointed to Jesus.

Secondly, we were able to engage a group of six Muslim students! The tone of our exchange was fun and friendly! In fact, Remmy (the leader of the group and the only one whose name I remember) said he was thankful for us since he is not even able to speak so freely in his own Muslim community.  After asking tons of genuine questions about their convictions, we asked them if we could share what we believe as Christians. They said yes!

We explained that Christians also believe that righteousness is required for salvation, but that it is Jesus’ righteousness freely given to us, not our own. We cannot acquire enough holiness through good works or the Five Pillars (central belief in Islam).

We were able to talk a lot about Jesus as the perfect sacrifice for sin. By God’s power, we articulated what grace is! We answered their questions about the Trinity and about Jesus being the Son of God, who is now resurrected and reigning. It ended really well! You could practically see them contemplating Jesus in a new way!

Pray for our Muslim friends. Pray the Holy Spirit awakens their hearts and eyes to Jesus! Pray for Bobby and the others as well! We we are going out again on 3/19-20. Please pray the Spirit leads, fills, empowers and points to Jesus!

***Seton Hall Update***

In our February prayer letter, we asked you to pray for our students as they awaited an answer about being formally recognized at Seton Hall Univ. Unfortunately, the Office of Campus Ministry declined our request for this year. They claimed we did not get their approval early enough, even though we felt we did. We in no way see this as a defeat. Students got to trust Jesus through the process! Pray for us as we continue to meet together! God’s work is not bound by this setback!

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