Mission: Win // Build // Send //

Let’s get down to missional business.

College students are an unreached people group. Ask 100 pupils what the central message of Christianity is and you’ll get mixed or confused or perverted views.

“Those Christians are all about the 10 commandments. Break one and you’re screwed in hell,” one might say.

“‘Just be good’ should be their slogan. Christians are trying so hard to be good people,” another would chime in.

“They believe in Jesus, obviously. So maybe he’s at the center of their message.”

Not only are the non-Christians on NJ campuses misguided, an unfortunate 8 out of 10 Christian freshman end up walking away from the faith. It makes you look at the high school students in your churches a completely different way.

But the statistics don’t get the final word. Jesus gets the final word. All over NJ, Christian college students and the staff of Jersey Metro Cru are banding together with the clear and timeless message of the Gospel: that God in Christ bore our sins and wants to grant us forgiveness through the cross and life through Jesus.

We have the heart of Jesus by his grace and Spirit. And we have the drive to see Him save more lost students, making them into His disciples.

Win – this is all about making the person and work of Jesus known, introducing people to our great King and Savior through relationships, communities of faith and outreaches right on NJ campuses.

Build – this is all about the church. Jesus loves His Bride and wants to see her grow. As new converts come to know him, they naturally get plugged into churches where they can grow and serve long-term. Of course, Jersey Metro Cru provides students with plenty of opportunities for maturity, as well: from our regular weekly studies, to passionate prayer meetings, to one-on-one discipleship and to the four worship gatherings NJ students can attend throughout the year.

Send – Jesus wants to rescue sinners in every area of life–from the college dorm room to the city office to the jungles of the Amazon. Ultimately, we want students to go into their churches, geographies and workplaces as gospel-centered disciples who get it: Jesus is not done yet, and He uses Christians to share and show His Good News.

We’re thrilled to be on mission in NJ campuses. God our Father has been such a great leader! More and more become His children as we believe, share and show the Gospel!

What we need to accomplish this work, though, is Christians who get it: it takes resources–prayer, finances, action–to accomplish this work.

And let me clarify something: we raise support because of the war. We’re not looking for a phenomenal salary or to climb the corporate ladder, but we want to see Jesus raised higher than any other figure on college campuses. We want to see less casualties in this spiritual war for students’ souls. We want to see more citizens come into Jesus’s Kingdom through the cross. That is why we raise support: to be soldiers in the Lord’s army.

Please prayerfully consider being on mission with us, either actively, prayerfully or financially. Our biggest need is monthly partners., and God will use your Kingdom giving to bring in more citizens under the reign of Jesus.

And that is a beautiful mission.

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