Celebrating God’s Work

Please read very important letter (about us) from our directors before moving below.

As students and staff gear up for Summer Projects (mission trips Cru organizes), it is with overwhelming joy that we convey some numbers from the 2011-2012 academic year. God has been doing amazing things through students and staff.

On New Jersey campuses, 36 students received Christ! 1,646 Gospel conversations were had! And over 42,000 were reached through mass media! Knowing that lost students are now in relationship with Jesus IS something to celebrate! Here’s a few other things God’s Spirit has accomplished through the mission this semester.

In April, a small group of students and staff went to Big Break in Panama City Beach, Florida, Cru’s national spring break mission trip.  There were nine New Jersey-ites in all at the conference.  From across the country, 1200 students got to grow in sharing their faith with non-Christian Spring Breakers.

The girls from our group had never really shared their faith before, so it was an exciting experience for them as they stepped out in nervous boldness and watched God use them on the beach. Guys had a great week seeing, as well, seeing Jesus work through them! During the week-long conference, there were 5830 spiritual conversations, 2345 people heard the Gospel message and 187 Spring Breakers received Christ.  Praise God for an incredible experience!

This semester we also engaged campuses across the state with “Quest Week,”  where students and staff reached their peers with the Gospel through different outreach strategies.  It was an exciting time!  One night during Quest Week, Tony, a full-time student in the National Guard expressed that he often experiences the need for God when things get difficult, especially in the Guard.

Tony got hear about the Good News there is in knowing God through Christ, and received Christ right there in that college’s Student Center.  After he prayed he said “I know I’m different now.”  He was excited for Easter Sunday as it suddenly took on new significance in his life.  Praise the Lord for His perfect, Spirit-orchestrated timing!  Please pray for Tony and for his discipler as they pursue Jesus together!

God is clearly moving!  We are also excited for the summer when we get to connect with some of you, see God bring in more of our needed monthly support** and rejoice as students and staff go into all the world on summer mission trips.

THANK YOU all for your continued and faithful financial and prayer support!

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