Divide and Glorify

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While thousands are swayed into unbelief and sin and away from repentance, we know N.J. colleges have a omnipotent Hope in the redemptive work of Jesus Christ, which of course begs the questions: how will they hear of Jesus? Who will go?

Before we expound on the above images and lists, let us emphatically declare that all of the Jersey Metro team’s efforts, strategies, successes and drive come from the Holy Spirit. We claim no glory. He is at work through us, so that Jesus gets to lost students. Only He can convict hearts, and we’re glad His Spirit is on our side and in us.

That said, we’re thrilled to relay His strategy for sharing the gospel with unreached people on N.J. campuses. I (Joey) have unofficially name it “Divide and Glorify.”  I (Jenn) like Joey’s title. 🙂

“Divide and Glorify” strives to accomplish what it says. The staff team (about 14 full-time, 6 part-time, and many volunteers) is one unit, all working generally with campuses throughout the state but working intimately with students at their assigned campuses. And the numbers don’t lie; they’re is seriously a plentiful harvest, and as Jesus said, we ask that you also would continue to pray for more and well-equipped laborers. As we endeavor, by God’s grace, to introduce our Jesus to more students, we can always use more prayer and more help.

Jersey Metro’s mission is to “by all possible means, let us advance God’s kingdom by making Christ fully known on every campus, influencing the state and ultimately the world.” Long term, we deeply yearn for students to treasure and know Christ, graduating with a conviction to make Him known in their fields, neighborhoods, churches and the world. We want to instill in students the desire to expand God’s Kingdom by bringing in more citizens. As Christians, we’re called to evangelize non-Christians into Jesus’s disciples, thereby granting them — through Him — a “visa” into His heavenly Kingdom. Father God wants to adopt more children!

And it’s incredible when students just get it! Recently, students Mike and Brent, who were terribly nervous about sharing their faith in Jesus, had the opportunity to do so once more. Because the Holy Spirit filled them with boldness, they trusted God in their conversations with non-Christians. Later that day, another student asked Brent, “you mean no one yelled at you or hit you or anything?” Brent replied, “it was easy and a lot of fun!” And we pray God might preserve that faith!

Former students are bearing much fruit as well. One of our good friends is serving his church by beginning a youth group. Another tells us of how he’s always looking for opportunity to introduce the Father to co-workers. And many graduates we know rejoin forces with Cru and help serve their former campuses.

We hope that you are as excited as us about the vision and strategy for N.J! God is truly on the move and we’re trying to keep up.

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