Three Reasons God is Good

God has been so good this semester. Let us tell you why.

First, back in December of 2010, we told you about non-Christian seeker, Chip, a surfer from Monmouth Univ. who took interest in our Cru meetings and Jesus. Staff and students simply loved him over the last several years as he continued attending meetings and figuring things out. And while God’s people did the outside work, the Holy Spirit kept chipping at Chip’s heart.

Chip was one of the 75 NJ students from who attended Radiate. During one of the meetings, the speaker presented the Gospel and Chip placed his faith in Christ! Though he’s graduated, he has continued to stay involved in the ministry and has grown in Christ. Thankfully we have a number of good church partners in the Monmouth area that he can get plugged into as he makes his way into the “working world.”

Second, at the end of January, we gathered student leaders from most of our 34 campus movements to prayerfully, communally and holistically plan their strategies for sharing and showing the Gospel at their colleges this semester. We call this conference the Summit.
What’s so encouraging about the Summit is that it’s not so much about the content we provide but the content God the Holy Spirit provides to students as they converse and pray about what exactly Jesus wants them doing. Ideas included weekly Bible studies, prayer meetings and evangelism outings.

Outreaches were thought through, as well, including ideas like the Pizza and God event, where we invite the entire student body to discuss their beliefs with us while we reciprocally share Jesus’s Great News! Students left refreshed and united, having clear convictions about what God would do and knowing His Spirit was already before them.

Third, God has supplied for NJIT’s movement a new student leader: Marcos, a Newark native with a zeal for Jesus and healthy Christian community, as modeled in Acts 2. The Newark ministry has typically been a very difficult place to labor. If we combined all the different college ministries in Newark (including InterVarsity and Korean CCC) there are no more than 150 Christians involved out of the 35,000 college students in that city. There is a great need; Marcos and staff would appreciate as much prayer as possible. Our hearts ache for God to be made much of as we plow for the Kingdom.


Our niece Angelina is still healing from her last round of chemotherapy. It put her in the most pain, as its purpose was to eradicate any trace of cancer. We’re thankful that her blood count miraculously jumped from nearly 0 to 10 within a day, something the doctors didn’t expect! Stay updated if you want at

As for our medical condition, Joey has to go in for a minor surgery on February 29. We’d rather keep it private, but email us if you’re dying to know. Recovery is an estimated 10 days, so we’ll unfortunately NOT be able to attend the fellowship dinner. We’re so sorry for this! Please pray for the procedure.

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