Yes, after 12 years with Cru, God has opened up a door to be laser focused reaching international students with the hospitality, message and power of JESUS. Watch the video above or read the full letter here to learn more about this life change.

The is a momentous calling, and we love the ministry of sharing God’s Gospel and love with international students! We work in New Jersey as part of a International Students Incorporated to reach the 1 million international students that are in the USA! God sustains us through the monthly giving of individuals like you.

Would you consider being our ministry partner?

Ministry partners are people who are excited about the mission, and who wish to partner with us by praying for us and supporting us financially. Before we would ask anyone to join with us in this fashion, however, we would want the opportunity to meet with, get to know you and share all about ourselves, our calling, and I.S.I. as a ministry. We also would love to answer any questions one might have about Jesus’ calling on our lives.

Please shoot us an email and we’ll set something up! But if you’re dying to partner with God’s work in our lives now, feel free to begin now with the link above.

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