About Us

Although we were raised less than one mile apart, our paths did not collide until sophomore year in high school, where we met one another through mutual friends and the humble “Bible Club.”

After engaging years of unhurried pursuit, I (Joey) finally and decisively asked Jenn to be my lifetime bride. Without reservation, I (Jenn) surrendered to his irresistible charm and Biblical manhood. He, of course, was overjoyed and anticipatory for May 29, 2010, when we entered into matrimonial rest.

Throughout our relationship, the Lord dropped several hints (both subtle and deafening) confirming our joint, full-time call to New Jersey college missions with Cru (Campus Crusade for Christ). Passionate about evangelism, we’re now on staff with the Jersey Metro team–winning, building and sending. Of course, we always have ongoing support needs and would be honored if you chose to invest in our calling to see lost NJ students become Jesus’s disciple-making disciples.

We have two boys, Gianluca and Gabriel, who are wildly energetic and lovely gifts of God! Our little Mestizos 🙂


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