Answered Prayer + Bible Studies

We are officially in the full swing of things at Stevens Institute of Technology, working hard to reach as many international students as possible with the gospel. Every Friday night, our dinners/Bible discussions continue strong with about 60 students who are mostly non-believers. We also continue to host a breakout in Mandarin for the Chinese students who prefer it! 

On top of that, we are informally building relationships in a variety of ways – whether taking students out for a quick bite or even helping them pick up furniture. Finally, we of course have several field trips lined up for the semester and “home groups” where we send students into volunteer homes 3x a semester!

Our Friday dinners are bringing out 60 mostly non-Christian international students.

Two other things I wanted to feature in this month’s prayer letter were our 40 Days of Prayer and our smaller Bible studies. The calendar for our 40 Days of Prayer can be found on the blog, and already we are seeing God’s Holy Spirit move in unique ways. 

Our January 22nd prayer request was that our Christian international students would take more active roles in the ministry, and they have been! They’ve been helping serve the food, lead worship, check in students, build relationships and so much more. The fact that we even have 15-20 Christian international students is a miracle. Most years it was less than five. Last year was one! Our January 25 prayer request was for the one-one-one discipleship/mentoring with three key Christian students, who happen to be the three that attended ISI’s national student conference in California. Our meetings have been so fruitful! All three have a “mentor” and I get to be one as well. Please continue to pray for Babafemi, Benson and Prachi. 

The last prayer request I want to feature is from February 10, where we asked you to pray for the “regular” Stevens Christian Fellowship, which we serve under. That ministry has an entirely different group of 50 mostly undergrad/mostly American students who show up every week, mostly believers. It’s incredible how God is blessing it. In fact, “Maz,” the founder (a retired professor from Stevens) decided to host about 15 of our international students for the Super Bowl! We have a great relationship.

My Christian Bible study group. Fuyu, Charan and Brima!

       As for our smaller Bibles, they are also in full swing. We have two for our Christian international students. One is on Tuesday mornings and one is on Wednesday afternoons. We also have two for non-Christian students, and they actually committed to this! Wow! Please pray for deep Christian growth and for our Christians in these studies and pray that the non-believers would come to Christ.

        Thank you so much for your partnership in the gospel!!! We really feel God is doing something special and I cannot wait to baptize a few of these precious souls for the King. 

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