Investigating Jesus Series

There is so much going on in the ministry of International Students Incorporated at Stevens Institute of Technology. It’s hard to not want to tell it all! So many introductions and gospel conversations and rides home, furniture rides and even winter coat shopping! For this prayer letter, I wanted to focus on our main weekly meeting.

Every Friday night at 7:00 pm right on the campus of Stevens, we host our meeting. Right now 4 churches are rotating volunteers to bring enough food for 40-60 students, they will bring 1 or 2 songs and of course they will set up and clean up. We almost always have a team-building game!

But the best part of the night is splitting into groups and sitting down with our students for a Bible discussion! Right now we are working our way through a series called “Investigating Jesus.” It is a super basic study which captures Jesus in one or two scriptures and then asks questions to help students understand the passage. Our group discussion leaders are either church volunteers or Christian international students. Our group participants are mostly non-believers from India, China, Africa and elsewhere. So far we have looked at Luke 1:26-38, Luke 4:14-22 and Luke 18:35-43! It has been a joy to sit down with students and discuss Jesus! 

As an update from my last prayer letter, I wanted to let you know that my one-on-one with “Rohit” (name changed for privacy) went really well. In fact he made me a homemade Indian dessert called “Kheer pudding.” It was delicious. We chatted for almost 2 hours about the differences between Hinduism and Christianity. He has continued to join us every week. Another update is that our picnic on 9/17 and our Apple picking on 10/8 both went really well and were well attended! See video of picnic below!

Please pray for our home groups this fall happening on 10/14, 11/25 and 12/9. These home groups are specifically led by church volunteers who regularly help out with the ministry. Our home will of course be one location as well.

Please also pray we have enough Americans willing to host for Thanksgiving! We welcome ANY believers interested and connected to us to open their homes for 4-8 students on Thanksgiving Day specifically (November 24th) to provide a meal and Christian hospitality. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED AND CAN HELP WITH THIS, LET ME KNOW ASAP.

Thank you all so much for your partnership in the gospel!

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