So Good to Be Back!

There is so much to praise God for as we moved into our first month BACK in person in over 18 months! To do that we wanted to give you plenty to look at from the last few weeks, so this letter is packed with images.

By God’s grace, we have re-launched at almost every one of our campuses across the state of NJ. Please pray for some campuses where we lost student leaders and/or advisors over the course of the pandemic, like at Ramapo College or Hudson County Community College. Funny enough we did find a new club advisor for HCCC who lives across the street from us! ha!

At the beginning of every semester, Cru in NJ gathers our movement leaders to train them in our ministry model we call “The 4 Elements” that we base in Acts 2:42-47. Here the early church is born and explodes. They are primarily doing four things: studying the Bible, serving in community, submitting to God in prayer and engaging the lost through evangelism. On our campuses we train and join our students to do these four elements in the power of the Holy Spirit to have successful and fruitful movements. One major way we made sure to evangelize was being present at our opening club fairs and giving away Bibles along with other evangelistic materials and goodies! In fact at New Jersey City Univ we gave away Airpods for all students new to Cru!

And at Seton Hall we gave away four UberEats gift cards. The goal is not merely to have fun, but to meet new students who are believers or unbelievers. In all, we got about 40 students to fill out these surveys and even had students join our weekly meetings. Our leaders are also doing the hard work of following up with all students one by one to see if they’re further interested in discussing spiritual matters. Thank you so much for being on our side in this mission!! Please pray for us as we continue the work campus-by-campus but also please pray for our upcoming fall retreat happening from October 1-3, 2021. See more info on

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