Summer Assignments

As with the last several summers, since our oldest takes specialized summer classes for his Autism, our summer will once again be local.

Our main assignment will be “Summer Connect,” which is an 8-week teaching series that Cru will be rolling out as episodes for students across the country! The goal is to get over 5000 students plugged into small groups, where they watch the video, discuss the passage, evangelize locally and become great friends in Christ!

We will have about 5 hubs across the state! The first episode is May 21st.

They’re FREE, so by all means use them in your churches or youth groups.

Additionally, we’ll be continuing to stay connected with local student leaders for development, as well as work on various projects for our Jersey team..and raise some needed monthly support as always.

However, in the middle of all this, we are taking advantage of a caring Cru policy that staff members who’ve served at least 8 years, get a refreshing 30-day sabbatical of no ministry. For us this will be May 17 – June 17.

After a really challenging year with our house situation and adjusting to the new baby, we are genuinely looking forward to pulling away from email, social media and all ministry-related things to focus on the Lord and family. We’ll stay local, but have a refreshing battle plan.

Once done, we’ll return full-steam to all our summer assignments. Please pray for a restful and fruitful summer!

-Joey & Jenn

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