President Prayer Points

Although most schools in Jersey launch their semesters in September, student ministry prep begins now. For the staff team, this means a prayer retreat the third week of August and staff meetings all of the last week – along with initial student leadership meetings as well.

And for students, it means reconnecting with other leaders and members, as well as praying! We so value prayer that I asked each president from the 6 schools Jenn and I oversee to provide short prayer points. Please genuinely read through and pray for each point as we trust Christ for big things this year!

James, student president at Ramapo College, shared:

1. Pray for the new members of the e-board as most of the leaders are new in their positions.
2. A praise report is that Ramapo Cru has increased in size and regular attendance. Praise God most of the members are meeting and have fellowship multiple times outside of Cru throughout the week, which has made a nice community with the group.
3. Pray for continual boldness for campus evangelism.

Khristine, student president at Montclair State, shared:

1. For all the new leaders and myself to be reliant on Jesus in every step and that our relationship with Christ may grow.
2. I also pray for the new students at MSU that their hearts may be opened and they may find Jesus on their journey at school.

Luke, president at Stevens Fellowship (not a Cru but we resource them), shared:

1. We are trying to increase our outreach program here at Stevens, so prayer in that area would be much appreciated.
2. That we are able to represent Christ in all aspects of our lives as Christians, so that we are always acting as witnesses to the faith.
3. Pray that I may stay diligent as president, and continue to rely on Christ and others at SCF to help me when needed.

Christian, at New Jersey City Univ., shared:

1. This year I pray that we reach out to many students who aren’t aware of us. I want more students to get involved.
2. This year I pray we have leaders that re ready for action to help improve Cru. I pray God uses this team to make an impact at NJCU. 3. I pray the broken at NJCU find Cru to know there is a God who loves them. Let lives be changed, and souls be healed. In Jesus name I pray amen!

Geneva, over at Hudson County Community College, shared:

1. A big spring semester outreach. So definitely prayer and provision for that.
2. Praise God for new leaders and also that God would allow these new leaders to greatly minister and be used in the coming semesters.

Finally, Jon at Seton Hall Univ., shared:

1. For guidance as we navigate the constraints of our university’s administration
2. For courage to follow God where ever he leads us.
3. Thanking him for his many blessing in previous years. Especially bringing together the many amazing people he has chosen to serve him at our school.

Thank you all for faithfully partnering with us in college missions. Please do pray for the above requests. There’s still much to do in reaching students for Christ. It’s going to be a great year by God’s grace!

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