King of the Summer (Summer Connect!)

Jesus is King of the summer (and every season for that matter)! And every summer, God uses the college ministry of Cru (Campus Crusade for Christ) to send thousands of students to hundreds of locations worldwide on Summer Mission. It’s almost certain that if you can think of a location, you can be sure there are students there evangelizing and discipling in partnership with local movements and churches.

Right now about a dozen students and staff from Jersey are either in Hampton Beach, New Hampshire OR Puerto Rico trusting God to grow them personally but also use them to reach out to lost people. And while our Summer Missions are exceedingly important, one opportunity we’ve missed for many years is how to engage students who stay home to work, help family or take classes.

Enter: “Summer Connect!” For about 4 years now, Summer Connect has been an opportunity for students to grow in Christ and be on mission right where they are. Nationwide (and even worldwide), students can grow individually or in hubs (selfies above) through Bible teaching presented live online for 8-weeks on Thursday nights. They are challenged to take “Faith Steps” with unsaved family, friends or neighbors. We also provide prayer notes and additional Bible study tools for further growth. Summer Connect is happening now from June 8 – July 27, and in Jersey we have 5 hubs laid out across the state!

Shanard Seabrooks (pictured) from Montclair State Univ., is leading a hub in North Jersey. I asked him for feedback based on his experience so far and here’s what he shared.

About community: “I want to fellowship with other believers of Christ throughout the summer so we can sharpen and strengthen each other.”

About evangelism: “By the end of the summer, I am hoping to lead souls to Christ. Another soul for Christ is another soul gained in Heaven. One outreach we hope to accomplish is having a barbecue and inviting nonbelievers to join with us!”

Helping the national team produce Summer Connect is our main assignment this summer, and we LOVE IT!  As you can see students, like Shanard, are being matured in Christ and emboldened to share their faith right where they are. In fact, during the June 8th broadcast (which you can watch below), our guest speaker, Bob Fuhs, really drove home the point that students should “Make the Most of their Summer.”

Behind the Scenes…About to GO LIVE!

“The Christian life,” Bob explained in closing, “is about advancing the Kingdom of Christ on earth as it is in heaven. We don’t hide our light under a basket. So the question is: what acts of obedience and love will mark your life this summer? If Jesus is a King and he’s establishing a Kingdom on earth, how will you be involved in that?”

Along with fun emcees, giveaways and community, through Summer Connect, staff and students all over are being seriously challenged to walk with Jesus, share his message and multiply their faith.

Please pray as we continue organizing and producing the live broadcasts. Pray students deeply grow in Christ. Pray for many to trust in him through our evangelism efforts as well.


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