Magician for Christ

A countdown video commences in a dark room. Pumped-up music echoes slowly at first, then accelerates. Before the performer shows himself, his voice bellows through the speakers:

“Now that we’re in sync and you realize this is exactly where you’re supposed to be, I want you to know we’re going to have a lot of fun here. Welcome back to the world we like to call … The Maze.”

Jim Munroe’s high-energy performance confounds students around the USA. A new ministry of Cru, The Maze is an illusion show with wild tricks, like guessing a lottery ticket’s digits and pulling a string out of his stomach, yet it also has the gospel message woven through them all and leads into Jim’s personal testimony.

At Kean University on September 8th, there were over 275 students (mostly non-Christians) eager to watch Jim’s show. At one point, he revealed that “The Maze” represents life. And people try to get through The Maze by pursuing money, relationships, fame or other things.

He went on to carefully explain that he was once an atheist pursuing all of these, but then he had a radically life-changing experience when he was diagnosed with leukemia. After months of painful chemo and hospital stays, he heard the rare news that a donor matched his DNA! Within a few days, her blood was shipped to him, and he was “saved through the blood of another!” (In fact, because of the transplant, he now has female chromosomes!)

After explaining this, he also revealed that the rest of the show would be about how he moved from atheism to Christianity. He gave the crowd 2 minutes to decide whether they would leave or not.

Thankfully, most stayed! What followed was the magician’s powerful proclamation of the gospel! He made a parallel between his being physically saved through the blood of another person and his being spiritually saved through the blood of Jesus!

The crowd of students fell silent. After a few more mind-bending tricks, he gave the audience a chance to reflect and record if they wanted salvation through Jesus’ blood.

It was wonderful to see so many students hungry to hear about Jesus! Hungry to see that HE is the solution to this “maze” we call life. That HIS blood given to us can save us from our sins.

Of the 275 who attended, 138 students filled out the form. Of those who filled the form, 40 indicated decisions for Christ! That is huge! Praise God for moving these students’ hearts.

Please pray for the staff and students who now will follow-up with these decisions. Pray these would not only be converts but multiplying disciples who are about the Father’s business!

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