God Changed Lives Through Summer Connect

Working with “Summer Connect” was one of the most joy-producing assignments! Summer Connect was Cru’s unique opportunity for students to be on mission at home by tuning in to live- streamed weekly broadcasts in hub groups across the nation. Over 1500 students participated for 8- weeks in June and July!

As a member of the programming team, I got to work closely in planning and executing all of broadcasts. As a regional director, I got to coach staff and students as they led hub groups all over the Mid-Atlantic Region! The best part of all this was seeing lives changed for Jesus Christ! Here are a few of the most encouraging stories.

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 1.45.03 PMNicole, who was a leader at our Toms River hub, shared how God used summer connect to bring two local girls to Christ. “I had the privilege of sharing the gospel with two students, Barbara and Cassie, who accepted Christ as their Savior. I am so excited to see Jesus drawing them closer to Him. We have had the chance to pray together, talk about the Bible, encourage one another, and simply rejoice in the lives Jesus has given us. We even went to our local mall to talk about Jesus with others for the first time!”

Carlos, who was our leader at the hub in Baltimore, Maryland, was able to share with an international student named Shingo, who had never heard about Jesus before! “Shingo was excited to hear what I had to say. I told him that there is only one God and He created the universe and He created man and woman and nature. Then I told him about Jesus. He Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 1.45.12 PMhad never heard of Jesus before. During me telling him about Jesus a man came up to us who had overheard our conversation and told Shingo how Jesus had changed his life. At the end of our dinner he said we must accept Jesus. I asked him if he would like to learn more about Jesus and He said yes. I invited him to my house to watch the Jesus Film in Japanese. He was in tears at the end of the movie and in my living room he accepted Jesus into his heart that night. I believe the Lord brought Shingo to America to reveal Himself to him.”

“Summer Connect” was this weird out-of-the-box idea. None of the directors or participants really knew what to expect. I was worried the live-teaching wouldn’t stream well or students would become uninterested. But God used it! Barbara, Cassie and Shingo are evidence of this.

Not only did students come to Christ, but so many more grew in Christ over the summer and are now ready to report back to their schools as missionaries seeking to proclaim that Jesus forgives. Please pray for this very thing: that staff and students would get thrilled to begin ministry this September. It’s August, but we are already meeting with student leaders and having staff meetings. Pray we’d see a harvest like we’ve never seen before!

l6021-suv-86027Finally, please pray for us as we look for the right second family car. With both boys in different schools, we will need one. It’s always a risk buying used. Pray we find the right one that does not need significant work. If you know anybody, we are open to suggestions. Thank you!

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