RADIATE Conference

RADIATE is Cru’s annual worship conference in Washington DC from 12/28-1/1 (staff arrived on the 27th) for students across our region. This year, a record number of 1,200 attendees gathered to praise Jesus, get challenged by keynote Bible teacher, Paul Tripp, as well as hear opportunities like summer missions or joining staff.

Additionally, the conference held seminars on hot topics like workplace evangelism, transgenderism and how to engage culture. We even sent everyone out to evangelize on the streets of DC on the 31st!

The conference was a robust time of growth in Christ. 96 Jersey students went! As staff, our prayer is that they apply all they learned in their personal walks with the Lord, and use the training they gained to reach their respective campuses in NJ.

RyanFor your encouragement, I asked two students to share about their experience at RADIATE. Ryan is from Montclair State Univ., and he has grown so much as a leader as I’ve gotten to know him. Raquel is an active member from New Jersey City Univ., whom Jenn has been able to mentor.

Ryan: “The speakers at Radiate were all really phenomenal. I don’t want my zeal for God to simply diminish after this conference, but rather grow and flourish from all that I have learned, so that I have the confidence to talk to others more about the One who has saved me from my sins. Through the teaching and stories heard about lives changed, I realized that I need to stop worrying about being successful for my sake and in the eyes of others, but rather be successful for the glory of God and for 12088328_10206159103751616_4568357237856664028_nHis sake of furthering His kingdom.”

Raquel: “The conference was amazing because it brought me to a place of surrender. I needed to stop running from him when He was there all along; I just needed to open up. I also met amazing people, and the worship was something I never have experienced. I left the conference focused on Jesus and ready for whatever is next. This conference has changed everything for me. I feel like a new person that is just going to keep growing with Jesus.”

12459870_784968525450_1661789854_nThe whole family enjoyed the conference. It’s always wonderful being able to bring our boys to work with us, so they could meet students, enjoy dancing to worship and playing with other staff kids! Also, thank YOU for praying and giving toward our end of the year needs. The Lord provided all of our prayer goal of $3800 and some! Praise God that he is faithful and provides.




Thank You


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