Campus Blitz!

[dropcap]O[/dropcap]ne thing I enjoyed about playing touch-football in the parking lot of my elementary school was the unexpected blitz. Rushing in and getting the job done for my team was a thrill!

This spring break, the statewide Jersey ministry of Cru is having evangelism blitzes of our own! Since our schools have two main but separate spring break weeks, we’ve asked students on break to minister on campuses still in session!

Week one has already happened! On March 9th and 10th, six Cru staff and 10 students (from schools all over the state) blitzed the campuses of Rowan Univ. and Rutgers Camden with the gospel!

Week two is coming! On March 16th and 17th, we will again blitz the campuses of Middlesex Community College and New Jersey City University! Please pray God uses week two to grow our Christian students and reach lost souls on these campuses!

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 2.45.47 PMAs for week one, it was incredible! Part of the program included evangelism training, where our staff team taught different tools and conversational techniques. I had the privilege of training students (seen right) in how to explain the gospel using our “Knowing God Personally” booklet, a helpful tool that’s breaks down the gospel in 4 Biblical principles. Along with training, there was loads of community and friendship, as we broke bread together and shared lots of laughs. But the real fun began when we paired up and engaged unbelievers with the message of Jesus.

Using surveys and other tools, we sparked spiritual conversations! One of my more memorable experiences was when I shared with a student named Paul at Rowan Univ. He claimed to have grown up Christian, but now is an atheist. He feels all he needs to have a satisfying life to “be a good person.” After explaining to him that he doesn’t need to strive for goodness, and that Jesus already accomplished this for our salvation, he still remained uninterested. We then joked for a while about random topics. This was memorable for me because his indifference to the light and grace of Christ was heartbreaking. Pray the Holy Spirit uses that seed to bring Paul into the Kingdom!

Another highlight was mentoring the Christian students. At Rutgers Camden, I partnered with Ryan and Jehvson, students from Montclair State, whom I also disciple in a men’s group at Montclair.

We used an artsy picture survey to spark spiritual conversations with three people. I took the lead, so they could watch and learn how to use the tool. After sharing with our first student, Jehvson and Ryan boldly initiated their own evangelism. It was wonderful to see these young men step out in faith and believe God would use them in presenting the love and hope of Christ to another.

Both Ryan and Jehvson said God taught them so much! They learned to love people, listen and ask good questions. They both learned not to assume people aren’t interested in listening. Ryan said he assumed our third contact, Chris, was uninterested in having a spiritual conversation because of how he looked! Ultimately, Chris was our most interested!

Ryan was able to clearly articulate the gospel and hear out Ryan’s unique spiritual concerns. Ultimately, Chris said of the gospel, “That is a powerful story.” He didn’t place his trust in Jesus there, but we are hopeful that seed will grow into fruition and Chris will realize his need for Jesus.

Please pray. For the specific names above, that they would come to Jesus and even get connected the Cru movements at their schools. Please pray for all of the others we engaged. Overall, we had 92 conversations! One girl, named Jess, came to Christ at Rowan!!

Finally, please pray for week two on March 16th and 17th! Pray it would be even more fruitful! THANK YOU!

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