We LOVE Our Job!

10407307_717016661530_6766348067530482427_nDo you LOVE your job? Jenn and I do! Our dream job is working to reach lost college students with the Gospel! Back in college, being plugged into a Christ-rooted movement was huge for our maturity. We loved being part of something greater – a student army that understands Jesus in Matthew 9:37: “the harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few.” Jesus calls us to work the fields!

This semester, we’ve seen God do marvelous things. Here are some of those from this semester, which only enforce how much we LOVE this work!

1 – At New Jersey City Univ., we partnered with a local ministry called “Hope Center Arts.”  In the center of the student union building, we shared the love of Jesus through rap, spoken word and dance! While Hope Center manned the stage, our Cru students actively passed flyers out and spoke with unbelievers passing by. We estimated over 100 non-Christians were exposed to the Gospel that day! Praise Jesus! #WELOVEOURJOB.

2 – At Seton Hall Univ., we are still in covert mode, since the school has not yet recognized us. But that has NOT stopped us from reaching the campus. I was recently able to take student leader, Browlyn, out for initiative evangelism. After praying the Holy Spirit would lead, we crossed the path of Browlyn’s two friends. We sat down for an hour of engaging discussion about God, sin, Jesus and our need for salvation. Both were so thankful for our sharing and said they may join us at a weekly Bible study. What’s also encouraging is that later, Browlyn went out evangelizing AGAIN! But this time with other Cru students. Over 6 Christian students shared the Gospel on their campus. #WELOVEOURJOB

3 – Having kids means they get to join the ministry fun. Jenn and I see our sons as a part of our calling to NJ campuses. And we feel our students can benefit from seeing a Jesus-centered family. Earlier in the semester, Gabriel (our youngest) came to fall retreat. He was a hit! Girls were pinching his cheeks. And he loved lifting his hands to Jesus during worship. Also, in December, Jenn and I will have key student leaders over our apartment for Christmas fun! This is a great way to personally connect with students, as well as show them our home and lives as a family. Gianluca (our oldest) and Gabriel will be there too!  #WELOVEOURJOB

IMG_9221The reason that we called this letter “special” above is to ask if you might be in the position to give a special one-time gift at this time.  We’ve recently had a few monthly supporters who, due to financial hardships, have needed to drop off of our financial team.  We are working on raising additional monthly support to make up for this loss but presently our greatest need is to pay for several upcoming conferences and to cover therapies and medical expenses that our son Gianluca has had recently in regards to his on-going struggle with autism.

The total amount we are trusting God to provide is $3800.

Would you prayerfully consider helping us reach these funds by giving a special gift of $500, $250, $75 or some other amount?

Make checks payable to “Cru” and mail them back with provided envelope by December 15th. You can also give online: www.GIVE.SFORZAGRAMS.com. All gifts are tax-deductible! Feel free to contact us with any questions: 201-906-8698 | JoeySforza@cru.org.

Whatever you decide, our deep appreciation for you is unwavering. We’re so grateful to the Lord for you.


Recent ministry pictures:





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