Initiative Evangelism

At Seton Hall Univ., we are still in covert mode, since the school has not yet recognized us. But that has NOT stopped us from reaching the campus. I was recently able to take student leader, Browlyn, out for initiative evangelism. We used “QuEST” surveys (seen above), an interview tool for evangelism. Students are always willing to share their opinions!

After praying the Holy Spirit would lead, we crossed the path of Browlyn’s two friends. We sat down for an hour of engaging discussion about God, sin, Jesus and our need for salvation. Both were so thankful for our sharing and said they may join us at a weekly Bible study.

What’s also encouraging is that later, Browlyn went out evangelizing AGAIN! But this time with other Cru students. Over 6 Christian students shared the Gospel on their campus. #WELOVEOURJOB

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