Pray HARD for the Coming Semester

Summer is coming to a close, and our students will soon be back in the swing of things on their NJ campuses. We praise Jesus for all he did during our summer in the Dominican Republic, and in our student’s lives, many of whom went on their own mission trips.

As our staff team prepares for the new school year through strategic placement, reconnecting with students and prayer, I have one request of you:

Would you take a moment to pray hard for the coming year? PRAY that Christ would indeed be made known on NJ campuses. Pray that all staff and students would receive fresh vision for the mission to proclaim Christ through God’s Spirit. Please pray against satan, temptation and backsliding. Pray God’s Kingdom would come in a powerful way this year, and many lost would be found.

Jenn and I are genuinely thrilled for the next season in our lives. Our oldest, Gianluca, starts pre-school! We’re hoping it will help his speech delay. Our youngest, Gabriel, will stay home, wreaking havoc in the apartment. This is a big change, and will require emotional and organizational changes for our family. Please pray also for this!

Along with these personal changes, the ministry is changing by growing! God has given “Jersey Metro” (Cru’s campus ministry in NJ, the team we’re on) the vision to be on EVERY university in the state of New Jersey! This year, we have less staff than last but more campuses! Praise God HE is BIG!! And he can handle it all.

In addition to the 4  schools we were particularly assigned to last year – New Jersey City Univ., Montclair State Univ., Stevens Institute and Seton Hall – I will also be spearheading a possible launch at Fairleigh Dickinson Univ. in Teaneck. Here are some ways you can specifically pray for each school!

At New Jersey City Univ., we have a new student president named, Crystal. She’s wonderful! Last year she was our vice president, working with Samir, the then president. However, she’s worried she may have too much on her plate, with church, work, classes and other campus activities. Please pray God helps her stay passionate in her busy schedule. Also pray Crystal is able to devote much attention to seeing NJCU reached with the gospel!

At Seton Hall, last year’s president graduated, so we now only have a core team of three: Bryan, Browlyn and Damaris. These three are prepared to apply for formal recognition from Seton Hall! In the Spring 2014 semester, we tried but were rejected because of some obstacles. We’re hopeful this year! Of course while we wait for the application process, we will be meeting regularly to study the word, pray, evangelize and be a community! Pray the absence of formal membership does NOT thwart the mission!

At Montclair State, I will be handing over the responsibility of leading a weekly men’s time to two of our most committed male students: Jeffrey and Joe. Last fall, we did NOT have one guy involved in the ministry! You may remember this being a HUGE prayer request. Since then, God brought along Jeffrey and Joe and has been cultivating them. I’ve greatly enjoyed meeting and seeing them grow! Instead of leading an open men’s time, I will exclusively disciple Jeffrey and Joe, to help them grow as leaders in the movement.

Stevens Institute has always had a solid ministry, started and lead by a committed professor. They are not a Cru, but we help them in different ways. Pray our relationship continues to be strong! Just like our other schools, we will be resourcing them with materials for their school’s club fair on September 3rd!

Lastly, by God’s grace, I met a student named Steven Frias, who loves Jesus and evangelism. He goes to FDU in Teaneck, and he wants to start a Cru as a means to making Christ known! This is a pioneering venture, as was Seton Hall last year. Pray GOD goes before me, and that the Holy Spirit would lead us well!

Thank you for giving and praying! GOD USES YOU to keep us full-time with Cru, reaching and equipping students to reach their schools with the Gospel. As always, check out to see upcoming ministry events where you can join us if you wish!



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