Merry Christmas!

ChristmasCard2013Christmas is the time of year where lights, music and frost set the world’s hearts on family, memories and holiday cheer. But for us Christians, it’s mainly about the good news that GOD WAS BORN, so we could become re-born through the birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus.

I LOVE JESUS, and I can’t get over how amazing HE is. So think of Jesus this season and always! As for what the Lord has done this December on campus, here are three updates!

IMG_8864First, our statewide ministry was able to welcome the very Christ-centered urban gospel group known as LEVEL3:16 to a few of our schools and to our monthly statewide gathering called “Jersey Cru” (shown left).

At NJCU, through their music, they were able to share the good news of Christ in a concert setting where there were at least 20 non-Christians. At Kean and Rutgers Camden, they actually took students out sharing their faith in an initiative one-on-one context.

Pray for us as we follow up with the non-believers from these outreaches. One of our student leaders at NJCU, Crystal, was thrilled over the fact that her atheist friend (yes atheist) was willing to attend!

1239099_512298165523020_2056029715_oPlease pray also for our student Dashawn (left). He shared with me that this Christmas season is always difficult for him, because he is getting together with family members who are not believers. His one brother, Odis, always criticizes him, sharing that he feels Dashawn is judging him. In fact, he’s loving him, by sharing the love of Christ! I prayed with Dashawn, and asked the Holy Spirit to lead and open up timely doors for sharing Christ.

Screen Shot 2013-08-04 at 10.42.50 PMFinally, we also have a praise report! You may remember a few months ago we shared about Efrain’s (left) struggle with persecution. Efrain got saved around April 2013, and an atheist friend of his was VERY antagonistic toward his faith, gossiping about how “dumb” his changed life is.

Coming out of an atheistic circle of friends, Efrain expected some backlash, but did NOT expect a friend to begin talking behind his back. He was surprised and hurt by this.

Well recently, he texted me some good news!

“Between yesterday and today, I got two calls from friends basically apologizing for shutting me out after telling them I accepted Jesus. Feeling pretty blessed to have some friends back and still continue in the faith without them shutting me out for it.”

Isn’t that great?! It’s not always promised, but it definitely encouraged Efrain.

Please pray for us as we prepare for our regional student conference called “Radiate.” Jenn, the boys and I are all going. We expect over 1000 students to be there! We’re there from 12/27-1/1. Also pray for us as we prepare for our mission trip Venezuela in the summer 2013. We have begun reviewing student applications, and in January, I go to directors training in Denver.

Thank you all for your faithful financial and prayerful partnership. We genuinely pray for and love you. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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