Dunkin Donuts Evangelism

photoWhat do coffee and Jesus have in common?

Not much, but at Seton Hall, NJCU and Stevens, we’re using Dunkin Donuts to expose freshmen to the gospel and love of Jesus Christ!

What we did and are doing:

1 – Prayed that the Holy Spirit would lead us to the right freshmen.

2 – We bought over 60 gift cards valued at $5 each and offered these to random freshmen who would observe and survey our weekly meeting.

3 – We told them that as Christians we value their opinions about Christianity, Jesus and their beliefs–whatever those might be.

4 – Once they arrived at the meeting, we lovingly hosted them and made them feel welcome while they took part in games, Bible study, prayer and community!

At the meeting, every student was exposed to the love, power and gospel of Jesus just by sitting in on the Bible study!

5 – We took their surveys, reviewed them together and prayed for the students. We also are following up with these students to answer any more questions they have! One of which is personally sitting down with me on Thursday, 11/7!

At Seton Hall, we had FIVE non-Christians sit in on our meeting and hear the love of Jesus! One girl said that she used to be Christian, but that she’s “agnostic. The soul has to go somewhere because energy cannot be create or destroyed.

Another girl from Seton Hall said, “I am sure that I believe in a higher power, like God, but I am not sure about the beliefs of the church, like being anti-abortion, anti-homosexual.”

We even were able to meet two freshmen Christian that had no idea about there being a Christian movement at their school!

At NJCU, we were able to host 6 freshmen as they surveyed our meeting and were exposed to the love of Jesus! Four of them claimed to be Christians but never heard about Cru. And TWO were Muslims.

One of the Muslims, a girl named Matagoma from Ivory Coast in Africa, was so impressed that she took the survey home with her and said she would come back this Wednesday, 11/6/2013.

I was able to look her in the eyes and say, “Matagoma, this is about more than a promotion for free gift cards. It’s about Jesus. As we shared in the meeting, God really does love you, cares for you and he sent Jesus, so that we might have forgiveness of sins and a relationship with our Heavenly Father.”

She stared back and said nothing. I think the Holy Spirit really is drawing her close to salvation!

PRAY with us for her. Pray also for us as we try this strategy at Stevens on Wednesday, and as we carefully follow-up with all these new contacts.

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