God Gives Breath to Our Movements

“God is not served by human hands as though he needed anything, but he himself gives life and breath and everything.” (Acts 17:25)

As campus missionaries, nothing we do is accomplished through our own self-effort. It’s all Jesus’ work, flowing in and through and under and over us! This is incredible! God the Holy Spirit actually labors through us. And this is true of any true child of the Father!

Moving forward with the message of Jesus’ cross, it’s often hard to remember this great truth and slip into a routine of self-reliance. Pray for us! That Jenn and I would always keep our Savior front and center!

1267914_512300588856111_1828729918_oGod seriously has been breathing life and breath into our movements. At our statewide, worship gathering “Jersey Cru,” we had a moment where our key leaders at Seton Hall updated everyone (over 200 sudents and staff) on how we could pray for them. (left).

“I always wanted to have a way to share the love of Jesus with people on my campus, and Cru does that,” Josh Rodriguez explained.

Seton Hall’s Cru is not formally recognized because the university does not want it there. Josh went on to encourage all the other NJ student leaders to use their formal recognition in proclaiming the gospel! The room was silent as we prayed for Seton Hall.

About a week later, Josh and our other Seton Hall student leaders (Bryan and Damaris) came to me and explained that there is another independent group of 30 or so Christian students that meet every Tuesday night for outreach and Bible study.

Led by a student named Jeremiah, this group also started this semester, simply loves Jesus and wants to reach its school!

“I’m just really thankful students on campus are inspired by this work and keep coming back,” Jeremiah told me.

These independent yet united movements posed a question for the Cru leaders: why couldn’t we just merge and become one big movement?

So, Josh and Bryan went ahead and asked Jeremiah this question, and all agreed that a merge was a great idea!

This is truly exciting! At the start of the semester, we had 3 Christian students praying and asking the Holy Spirit to use them in reaching their school. But now there is an underground movement of over 40 students who want to establish a legacy for Christ at Seton Hall.

Pray with us! Pray that we work out the details of the merge and that many more would come to know Jesus through this movement. Several unbelievers and non-Christians have either heard the gospel or come to a study, and we’re praying Jesus would open their eyes to see him, to truly see him! Their names are Yulia, Yazmin, Michael and Lynsdey.

We also want to praise God for bringing several men to the movement at Montclair State Univ. We see leadership qualities in many of them, and I’ve even begun a men’s group for discipleship. Please also pray for our life-changing fall retreat this October 11-13 (see flyer below). The theme is UNSHAKABLE, and we’re praying many would meet Jesus in a special way!

THANK YOU for your continued prayer and financial support. As always, please let us know how we can lift you up in prayer.FR Flyer Front RGB Web

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