Where Are They Now?

Jesus is Messiah. In fact, he is exclusively Savior—no one has accomplished what he has in the mass Rescue of sinners. He literally forgives people: Christians, all those who have entrusted him for salvation because of the powerful work on the cross.

As Christ’s disciples, we’re called to explain and show Jesus’ message to the world!

This is, has been and will continue to be our core mission. And we love Jesus so much, we not only want students actively evangelizing on campus but continuing to live on Spirit-filled mission in their churches, families, workplaces, geographies and other spheres of influence.

So, every July, Jenn and I feature a former Cru student, their love for Jesus and their current mission status. This month’s feature, Jason Dominguez, is particularly special to us, as we went to the same high school– where he got saved through the student ministry. Jason is now married to Kay, loves thinking deeply and cares about Christ’s cares. He answered a few questions for our prayer letter, and we hope his responses encourage you.

945551_10100618890495542_1508041573_n 1. What field has the Holy Spirit led you into and why?  A little over a year ago I felt the Lord calling me to leave the work force and go to Law School.  After praying about it and talking it over with my wife, we felt that I should proceed to see if God would open doors.  Well He did, and with a very good LSAT score in hand, I applied to Law Schools in the area.  In August I’ll be attending Seton Hall Law in Newark, NJ.  I’m not 100% sure why God is leading me into a legal career, but I think that there will be 2 amazing benefits of having one.  Firstly, my wife and I will be able to support missions in a more substantial way financially when I’m a lawyer.  Secondly, there is opportunity to seriously affect change in people’s lives.  I always think about how in 1 John 2 it says that, “we have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous.”  Jesus is our defense attorney!

2. What lessons from your experience with Cru will you carry with you the rest of your life?  Oh man!  I think the most important lesson I learned with Cru was that Jesus is worthy of my entire life.  As a Christian, I cannot be satisfied with only giving Jesus my time on Sunday mornings, or only when it’s easy or convenient.  Jesus demands, and is worthy of, all my time, energy, devotion and love.  This has shaped my thinking and life specifically when it comes to non-Christians.  I’ve never met Christians as missions-focused as Christians who were part of Cru in some way.  I realize that my life is not meant for me to be comfy and save up a lot of money until I die.  My life is about bringing Glory to Jesus by being deliberate about my interactions with my non-Christian co-workers and family.  I thank God that I learned in Cru exactly what Jesus is worth!

3. What tips would you have for Cru undergraduates who are entering the real world?  Remember that you are your greatest enemy.  Most Christians understand that the “world” and Satan are our enemies, but they’re quick to forget about our flesh that is at war with the Holy Spirit inside of us.  Maybe this is just something that I’m struggling with, but I hope it means something to you, too.  When you get your first “grown up” paycheck, your heart will make a million justifications about all the things you deserve.  I’m not saying that nice things are always bad but I’m saying they’re not always good, either.  Please just always be on guard for your sinful heart that still lingers with you.  Keep good Christian friends in your life but do not live in a Christian bubble.

4. Why do you love Jesus so much?  Because He first loved me, DUH!  Seriously, though, that passage in the Bible is so special to me because it rings to true in my heart.  I cannot comprehend of someone who knows every deep and dark thought and action and motive I’ve ever had in my entire life and who loves me so much that He’d die for me.  It’s the sort of love that wins souls (NOT in the Rob Bell way, mind you).  Jesus is so beautiful and His love is so awesome, I seriously have no other response than to love Him back.

477201_626307104210_933829563_oPrayer needs:

-As a family, we’re venturing on our first road trip to Colorado, where Cru is having its national staff conference. Please pray for a safe and easy drive with the boys! Pray also we receive fresh vision and passion from the Lord as we hear great teaching and have sweet fellowship with other missionaries from across the country!

As for the coming semester, as a staff team, we’re focusing our prayers on a few specific things. Join us:

– the Lord to stir the hearts of the freshmen to be softened toward Him

– doors to be opened for the believers and non-believers to have good spiritual conversations on campus

– the Lord to be drawing students to Himself and that we would

be prepared to share the hope we have (aka the gospel) at our

first/second week activities and club fairs, etc..

– Cru staff and students to be walking intimately with Jesus and walking in the power of the Holy Spirit

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