Shot Gun Update

536865_618121034160_249368198_nDon’t Turn Non-Christians into Mere Projects

The picture on the left represents what our great God has done through Jersey Metro (Cru’s statewide ministry) students and staff. Behind every thumbtack is a student who heard the clear message of Christ and understands they either need to accept or reject his salvation. Setting a goal of 2,000 of these conversations for this academic year, it is easy to turn non-Christians into evangelistic projects.

For example, Jenn and I have continued ministering to, Julie, a Chinese international student. She regularly comes out to meetings, and we shared the gospel with her! She’s asking questions, but has not indicated any decision toward Jesus. If she was our mere project, we would be tempted to move on from her and try for another lost soul. But she is not! While clearly articulating her need for Christ, we have also sought to be her genuine friends. She even came to our apartment to cook up authentic Chinese cuisine. Be encouraged! Continue pursuing friendships with non-Christians, even if they reject Jesus’s message. The Holy Spirit may just use you in their future! And we’re praying this for Julie.


Jersey Cru and Spring Break Opportunities

“Jersey Cru” or “JCru” for short is our monthly statewide worship gathering. Close to 300 students from all over New Jersey’s colleges join to worship, hear vision casted and soak in the word. At our most recent one on February 22, Cru High School’s national director, Darryl Smith, spoke about the fact that there are people truly far from God. As Christians we’re called to love the lost by showing them Jesus. Darryl stressed that if you’re not sharing the gospel message with anyone, then you must hate them, for their road is on its way to hell.

This was a challenging word at a perfect time! Through the month of March, Jersey Metro students and staff will be sent as missionaries to three prime locations: Dominican Republic, Panama City Beach, FL, and Ocean Grove, NJ—to help with rebuilding from the devastation Hurricane Sandy caused. As we’re in our different locations, PRAY the Holy Spirit would powerfully use us to reveal Jesus! Pray for traveling mercies, as well!


2001_618201562780_1195315839_nRelational Discipleship

At first glance, the photo to the left looks like a women’s gathering, and although it was not intended to be that, it became that! Since this is our full-time calling, Jenn and I love to invite students to get to know us. In this way, we get to build relationships and informally disciple them. Certainly, taking them through books of the Bible and hosting prayer meetings is crucial, but as the end of Acts 2 proves, sometimes just breaking bread is needed in the growth of a believer. So that’s what we did.

A week ago or so, we invited all of NJCU’s Cru movement to go ice skating and then come over our apartment for hot chocolate and cup noodles! Only the girls showed, so Jenn got to host them with games and ended the night in prayer. I just spent my night having guy-time with Gianluca. Ha!



Our New Baby is Almost Here!

God is into the blessing business, and he has graciously given Jenn and me the blessing of a new baby! His (yes, it’s a boy) official due date is March 25, but he can come any day now. We’re exceedingly excited, thankful and ready! Please pray he would healthy and that Jenn would continue to endure the pregnancy well; it has been a difficult one.

Gianluca playing in snow

As always THANK YOU ALL forgiving. Without your sacrifices, we cannot live as full-time missionaries to NJ colleges. THANK YOU. THANK YOU, THANK…well, you get the point  🙂

– Joey, Jenn, Gianluca and New Baby Sforza!





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