The College Club Fair: A War of Voices

Three factors contribute to the success of a great college clubs and activities fair. First, you need nearly all of the groups and their student leaders to maintain a table. Second, there must be a plethora of free goodies, from food to pens to water bottles. And finally, the fair would be nothing without its university students browsing and deciding which student groups they’ll join.

Certainly, with so many non-Christian (even anti-Christian) voices trying to convince everyone that their beliefs and lifestyles are best, a club fair can be a rather confusing and tempting place.

This is why we show up big. As always, we want to represent our King, Jesus Christ, well. It is the perfect platform to show fellow Christian students that they have a community in Christ right on campus. It is also a forum where non-Christians can feel free to ask us any questions they may have, as well as for us to respond with the love and message of Jesus.

NJCU had its Spring club fair on January 30, 2013. It went great! Literally dozens of Christian students discovered Cru, but my favorite interactions were with three non-Christians.

One was with a Muslim girl, decked in a traditional hijab or veil.  She slowly approached our table and the first words out of her mouth were, “Am I allowed to join you, because other Christians would reject us?” I clarified that she was more than welcome to our community! I explained that as Christians we may disagree with other worldviews, like Islam, but that we’d love to have her at our Bible study. It is a sweet thing when we can lovingly break false stereotypes on campus.

Second, Gerald (student leader at NJCU) brought his friend around to our table to discuss Jesus and Cru. Turns out he is an atheist. His joked with us: “Will my hands burn if I touch a Bible?” We were able to just love him and joke back. It was fun!

Finally, Gerald and I met Julie, a Chinese international student studying for her MBA. She is living solo, and she really enjoyed that we initiated a conversation with her. Small talk turned to deep talk when she asked what Cru is. Gerald and I were able to explain Christianity and the love of Christ through Cru’s evangelism tool known as the “Knowing God Personally” booklet (formerly The 4 Spiritual Laws).

“This is all very new to me,” Julie explained. “In China, there is the government church. It’s not like this.”

For the first time, Julie, —loved by God!—heard Jesus’ message of forgiveness of sin and new life. On the Sunday after the club fair, Julie also joined Jenn and me at our church. She asked more questions, got to meet new people—even a few other Chinese international students. At our Cru bible study one week later, we prayed in a circle to end the gathering. She told me that she was worried she’d NEVER memorize all the prayers we spoke. I explained that prayers were not memorized but were conversations with a good Dad in heaven–made possible because his perfect Son, Jesus.

She is starting to understand!

We LOVE what the Holy Spirit does on campus through us! We LOVE that more and more students are joining the mission to make Jesus Christ fully known. THANK YOU for making our calling possible!

PRAY for Julie! That Jesus saves her and she experiences his love and power. Pray for all students who we’ve planted seeds of Christ’s love in, like Santini and Chazad. Pray for us as we begin to mentor up-and-coming student leaders.

As always, let US know how we can pray for YOU!

And again,


– Joey and Jenn

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