Our Niece, Angelina, is with Jesus Now

We wanted to thank you all for carrying the burden of our niece’s cancer with us over the last year and half.

On Saturday morning, December 8, she passed. Mom says her last words were, “It burns,” as she she rubbed her chest, where her lungs likely got crushed by the growing tumors.

Dad was heartbroken too: “I didn’t want to believe it, so I warmed up blankets for her cold hands, but she was gone. She was gone.”

We miss Angelina like crazy. We loved her so much! It would have been her 4th birthday on January 23, 2013.

And for some reason, God had this plan to take her from us early. We know he gives and takes away. He’s good and sovereign still.

We also know we’ll see her again…in 60 years or so. PLEASE pray for her dad, mom and older brother.


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