God Likes Good Food & Scents

You reek, spiritually speaking. In fact we all do. But let’s look at what God says about pleasing aromas and how to smell nice and cook well.

Old Testament devotionals largely focus on the poetry and narratives we find stretched throughout.

Rarely do teachers allow the Law books to come to life in their sermons or blogs.

But here’s my attempt. Leviticus 2 is a litany of rules for offering grain-gifts to God–on the alter, off the alter, etc.

It must be fine flour (not Walmart flour), smeared with the best oil and frankincense, unleavened and seasoned with salt.

Whether baked in the oven, toasted on the griddle or seared on a pan, this offering must offer a pleasing scent to God.

And once God gets his cut, He shares this feast with others.

Practical application: Cook well. Don’t skimp on the best ingredients. Really. When in the kitchen, cook to the glory of God. Find the best recipes and execute them with the professional fervor of Iron Chef. But don’t stop there. Share! Give away your feasts and delightful meals!

Spiritual application: God wants the best offering. But when we honestly reflect on our character, attitudes and lives, we’ll find that the ingredients that make up our essence are tainted. The Bible calls this sin. And it’s why we cannot hope to offer God anything of pure value.

BUT He loves us despite us. And he offered the most perfect set of ingredients in the person, work, life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Jesus is the pleasing aroma to God which covers our stank. In fact, Jesus gives us his perfect aroma in place of our stank, if we choose to let Him. The Bible calls this repentance.

Additionally, we get God’s Spirit to continue cooking up more and more of Jesus in us. It’s a wonderful thing!

So this Christmas season, cook and eat and smell well. It’s all because of and for Jesus.


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