“Gospel Tales” is Now “Sforza Grams”

For over a year now, we’ve enjoyed calling our online and hard-copy communications “Gospel Tales.” We felt the name was Holy Spirit given, since it is exactly what we’re doing: telling tales of what Jesus’s Gospel is doing to, in, through and by us and the students we’re working with. 

After praying about it, though, the Lord has recently moved us to name our blog and letters “Sforza Grams.” Although we love the creativity behind “Gospel Tales,” it just does not possess the personal touch of “Sforza Grams.” And thanks to our friend, Felix, we have a pretty neat banner to use!

We are still only and emphatically raising up the name of JESUS. This is NOT a play of arrogance on our part, but we want you to know you’re not simply supporting the organization of “Cru” or the letters you get called “Gospel Tales,” but you are praying and investing into us, people–your friends, the Sforzas.

We love you and we hope you like the change!

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