The Short and Sweet of It

God has once again floored us with His majesty, specifically in the area of provision. As we shared in May, our 2012 summer assignment was to raise needed support. Like with many of you, we got to meet with new Christian friends, who were excited to hear about and financially invest into Jesus’ calling on our lives.

Although we did not meet all our goals, we are glad to have connected with so many believers. THANK YOU new and old friends for continuing to give and believe in Jesus’ mission on NJ campuses!

With dozens coming back to campus from domestic and international mission trips and serious church involvement, we’re thrilled over what God will accomplish with students and staff this year. We ask that you would pray as our responsibilities are increasing this year. Pray specifically that the Holy Spirit will lead our directors on where to place us most effectively. Pray also that we’re able to balance the joyful responsibilities of ministry with those of our home, since one more venture has been added to our domestic life.

That’s right! On or around March 31, 2013, God will be finished manufacturing baby number two for the Sforza household. We couldn’t be happier! God gets to create life. We get to be parents again. And our now one-­‐ year-­‐old son, Gianluca gets to be a big brother.

Finally, many of you often ask about our niece Angelina. Thank you. The answer is she is doing well. Her in-­‐hospital battle with cancer ends in November. After this, she’ll have routine checkups and whatnot, and the hope will be for the cancer never to return again.

Thank you for being part of our lives! We always love fellowship! Let us know, and we’ll make it a date!



This summer our Mid-Atlantic Region (of which New Jersey is a part) sent out 63 students, 14 staff and 3 children to our six different partnership locations and EPIC sent a team of 2 staff and 9 students to East Asia. We thought you would be encouraged to hear how God worked through these teams this summer:

# who heard the gospel in 1-on-1conversations: 704

# who heard the gospel through group presentations: 469

# of decisions for Christ: 183!!

That means that almost 1 in 6 people who heard the gospel this summer made a decision to trust Christ. Absolutely amazing!! 183 lives were changed for all of eternity and 5 of them were in a very closed muslim country where it is rare to see anyone trust Christ. Plus many seeds were planted for the long term staff and STINTers to follow-up on. All praise be to Jesus for what He did in us and through us this summer!!

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