Fellowship Dinner: March 3, 2012

Hello from the trenches!  Our Cru ministry here in New Jersey is launching at full speed into the spring semester.  In trusting Jesus to reach the entire state of New Jersey, we are striving to establish a presence on every Jersey campus.  To the left you’ll see a map with blue dots representing the schools where we currently have ministries up and running.  The red dots represent schools we have yet to reach.  As you can see, we’re on about half of New Jersey’s more than sixty campuses, but we still have a lot of work to do!

We can’t wait to share at our annual fellowship dinner on March 3rd about the exciting things He’s been doing.  Please save the date and join us!

We need your help, though, in getting the word out.  Would you think and pray about hosting a table at our Fellowship Dinner by inviting some of your friends to join you?  The task is pretty simple but incredibly helpful:  you’d simply distribute invitations to friends, family, people from your church–anyone you think might be interested in what’s happening on the college campus–and sit with them the night of the dinner.

This fellowship dinner is about far more than just raising funds.  It’s about spreading the word that college ministry isn’t an end unto itself, but a means to shaping the future.  It’s about reaching the next generation of leaders for Christ and sending them out into the world by the power of Holy Spirit.  It’s about training and energizing the young people who will soon be the heart of our local churches.  It’s about seeing New Jersey changed and the boundaries of the Kingdom pushed forward throughout the world.

If you’d like to go, email our friend Mark Scott at Mark.Scott@uscm.org, letting him know Joey and Jenn sent you his way!

I look forward to connecting soon. Thanks for standing with us.

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