Q&A With Student Missionary

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Q: Coming from Virginia, why did you choose a New Jersey college?

A: I would be lying if I said that I chose [New Jersey] for my college experience. By God’s amazing grace he dragged me from my small home town and brought me to a big city. It all started after I surrendered to where God wanted me to go. I was pursuing the occupation of full-time firefighter, but I didn’t know wether I should finish school or just go into service. I asked the Lord and in a week’s time he met me with two people on a beach at 10 PM. One was an old boss and the other was a random woman. They asked what I had been up to for the past year, and I just said I’m looking for a B.S. in Fire Science and at this point I really don’t believe they exist. The woman laughed and said her son was attending a Fire Science school in Jersey City. Later I found out that her son was in my graduating class. Funny how Poppa [God] tends to work things out sometimes.

Q: What was your first year experience like?
A: My first semester was what I believe it is mostly like for many students entering college. I knew an aspect of God in my life, but I still gave into the temptations of the college world  All my roommates and other people I was Involved with here mostly focused on lounging around and drinking. I started a part-time job and became focused on making money for security and spending my free time filling temporary voids by drinking and doing anything else to bring me stimulation.

Q: What were some immediate struggles in college for you?
A: I had an unhealthy long distance relationship in the beginning that kept me from growing in my faith.  Carlo’s Bakery was also my place of work, and it took up all my weekends, leaving me no access to find a church on Sundays. These relationships and environments held me in a place of lust and dependence on worldly things to keep me sustained.

Q: How did Cru point you back to Jesus?
A: Cru helped point me back in the direction of Christ by exposing me to a body of other believers to relate with. I could for the first time pray openly and be vulnerable with other men right on my campus. I found a deeper sense of my warrior spirit inside of Cru meetings as well. Today I have the honor of being their prayer leader and with that I have found an increased sense of what God wants for New Jersey City University and its students. The men and women involved with it today are like my family and l would lay my life down for any of them.

Charlie at Open Mic Outreach

Q: What is your living situation?
A: My living situation is difficult, being that I live with two atheists and a lapsed believer. Everyday I am surrounded by excessive profanity and an aroma of marijuana. Blunt raps and trash usually are all over the living room waiting for me to clean up. The funny thing is that today I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. Christ delivered me from doing all the things they are engaged with. I watch their struggles everyday, as they look for a new reasons to break their addictions and to find satisfaction in life. Being in their shoes before tells me that God has me with them so they can relate to me, and so I can show them how Christ became my true satisfaction.

Q: How is your living situation helping or hurting your relationship with Christ?
A: Living with them is a constant temptation to conform to the world, but it also tests me to stay closer to Christ than I ever have before. I find that in the midst of spiritual warfare Christ is more visible in everyday life.

Q: What are your personal spiritual goals?
A: To live for a transcendent cause, as to live for something bigger than myself.

Q: What is your vision for your campus?
A: My hopes and prayers for NJCU are that God uses his body of believers to radically shake up the students and staff with actions and deep intercessory prayer. I pray that all those are who are looking for Christ find us on campus as an escape to experience deep passionate love with the Father. Most of all my vision is to see a larger body of believers calling to Abba Father and, rejoicing in abundant life.

We, Joey and Jenn, want you to once again see through Charlie the incredible difficulty Christian students have on campus. But hopefully his story also conveys the phenomenal opportunity they have as Spirit-led student missionaries. Our heart is to persevere in sharing and showing the powerful gospel of Jesus Christ! Thank you for your continued financial support. God uses you to make testimonies like this realities.

Pleas & plaudits

-Pray the staff team’s and family’s health.
-Pray for Fall Retreat 2011 (10/14-15).
-Pray for our monthly gathering JCru (9/30).
-Pray for student leaders of integrity and commitment.
-Pray for 1,000 new members of God’s Kingdom!
-Praise God that Angelina is energetic, despite her treatment. Thank you for praying and keep up at www.LittleAngelina.org.
-Praise the Lord for His Spirit, without which we can do nothing.

Joey and Jenn 🙂

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