Stories Under the Name of CHRIST

Click here for the PDF version of July’s Gospel Tales.

Summer 2011 has been marked by innumerable touches of the Holy Spirit. Please enjoy this month’s rapid fire format.

1-If the mass media hasn’t already overloaded you with the news, beginning in early 2012, Campus Crusade for Christ will change its name to “Cru,” an abstract term like “Google” or “Hulu,” which God has asked leadership and staff to define for the world: a caring community of Christians who are passionate about connecting people with Jesus, the Christ. The prayer-engulfed name-change process began over two years ago, and after carefully selecting a core research team, the Holy Spirit confirmed “Cru” would most effectively allow for the bold proclamation of the gospel, as well as best represent all of the ministries under the CCC umbrella. For those whose emails we have, we already sent a detailed letter regarding the new name. Please enjoy the full explanation on this site and CALL US with any concerns or questions.

2-On the weekend of June 24, Jersey Metro had the splendid opportunity to partner with Bridge Fest 2011, an annual beach side music festival in Ocean Grove, NJ, committed to relevantly and clearly showing and telling the good news of Jesus. Our staff and mature students were able to train high school students —from a variety of local churches— in doing initiative evangelism. During the day, groups would go invite the masses into relationship with Christ, while also inviting them to enjoy gospel-centered worship at night. Many were dunked in water (baptized!) in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit! We’d encourage you to check out for more photos and wild testimonies.

3-While we love large gatherings –the multitudes worshipping Jesus, or droves celebrating a matrimony, or friends singing us “Happy Birthday”–  we were never numbers people, but Rob Mittuch, Jersey Metro’s missional team leader is: Our evangelistic presentations and the conversations our students had with others reached nearly 2,000, our mass media evangelism was over 43,000 (primarily through campus newspapers) and the number of students who received Christ totaled 30 in New Jersey and an additional 43 from our Spring Break trip in Daytona.  Also, this year is the biggest sending year Jersey has ever had, sending 11 students to U.S. and 7 students to overseas missions trips.

4-CCC (Cru) names its summer mission trips “summer projects,” and New Jersey staff relish their partnership and involvement with Hampton Beach Summer Project in New Hampshire. At HBSP, staff train students (left) in initiative, relational, and body evangelism. Students and staff lovingly share Hope on the beach (initiative), with their co-workers at the local Dunkin Donuts or McDonald’s (relational), and through outreaches like ice-cream socials or scavenger hunts (body). We would not have been able to do all of this if it wasn’t for Dave, who decided to be the answer to many prayers! Dave and his wife, Amy, are members of a local church with whom we typically partner – Hampton Falls Baptist Church. They decided to help support our ministry by purchasing a house in which our students could stay for the summer!

5-Maria from Kean University tells of her anticipations for her London missions trip: This June, I have the opportunity to participate in a mission trip to London. Arabic is my first language, and each summer more than 300,000 Arabs (mainly from the Arabian Peninsula) are drawn to London for its cooler weather and large, green parks. While it is illegal to evangelize or to distribute Bibles in their own countries, summertime in London provides the opportunity to share Jesus with them. We will distribute Arabic versions of the New Testament, JESUS film DVDs, and other materials to spiritually seeking Saudis and other Gulf Arabs who can then take them home to others. This is a strategic outreach to people from some of the most closed countries of the world. This is also an amazing opportunity that God has given me to reach people that are very close to my heart and practically my family.

6-As a tangible part of, Jersey Metro has begun a new branch of ministry called “Jersey Life,” whose aim is to embolden young professionals to see their work as mission fields. On-campus ministry is not an end in itself but a means to reaching the entire world — every sphere of influence — with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Jersey Life’s last gathering brought in dozens of recent and old graduates excited to hear how the Holy Spirit could lead them in their workplaces.Often, Christian professionals are working within the same company or city and don’t know the other exists.  “Jersey Life” would like to rectify that problem!

Christ’s Spirit continues to place us in awe of Him. From all we’ve learned and applied at our U.S. staff conference this week, to all he continues to do in and through us, as well as the ministry at large. “Let everything that has breath praise the Lord!”

Pleas & plaudits:

-Praise God for his intimacy in our lives.

-Praise for a refreshing time at our conference!

-Pray for our full support to come in.

-Pray for growth in students on summer missions.

-Pray God would excite us and students for the Fall.

-Gianluca is but a few weeks away. We’re terrified and overjoyed.


Joey, Jenn and Gianluca Sforza

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