Thankful for Everything


We enjoy this work so much that we’re already planning our summer assignment! We’re not exactly certain where God will have us; it will either be a U.S. summer project, a local assignment in NJ or theological development.

Along with our monthly goal, we also have to raise our one-time needs to cover the coming summer expenses. If you’d like to give $500, $100 or $25 before the year ends, please feel free to do so. You can mail us the check made payable to “Campus Crusade for Christ” OR visit our giving page.


Justin Gauvain, a senior at Ocean County college, spends his free time doing one of three things: surfing the snow or ocean, reading challenging Christian material and serving the Lord in any capacity. As the above picture shows, he committed his summer 2011 serving in Botswana, Africa, on a missions trip with Cru.

His story collided with the story of Jesus back when he was a freshman.

“When I was a sophomore in high school, I started to dislike church,” Justin explained, “To make a long story short, from sophomore year of high school to freshman year of college my life consisted of getting drunk, high, and girls. I did not care at all about God and wanted to live my life for myself. One night I came home from a party and turned on the TV, it was a program about alcoholics believing in Jesus and then stopping cold turkey.

“Person after person they shared similar stories. I did not believe that God could forgive me of all my sins because I committed the main ones I was taught not to do. I finally believed that Jesus could forgive me of all my sins! I gave my life over to Christ that night at the age of 19.

“My life has never been the same.”

Since he lived in apartment near Stockton College with three friends who loved hosting parties, his first several months as a Christian brought on much temptation and persecution. While the party music blasted, he would sit alone in his bedroom with God on his mind and Bible in hand.

The Holy Spirit eventually introduced him to the Christians involved at his campus’s Cru movement. Although he lost all his old friends, he quickly began making new ones.

While prayerfully being a part of OCC’s student launch team, Justin is also planning ahead, as he feels the Lord is calling him to Niger–one of the poorest African countries that is 99% Muslim– after his coming May 2012 graduation. He knows that others sinners must hear about the Great News of Jesus.

“I love Jesus so much because he has saved me, because he first loved me,” he said. “I was the worst sinner of them all. I deserved nothing but the full extent of God’s wrath. I was living my own life for myself. I was spitting in God’s face.

“But His grace found me and saved me through faith. He who has been forgiven much, loves much. The Lord Jesus has saved me from my life of sin and seated me in the heavenlies with Christ Jesus. Jesus has changed my life and has given me a purpose and meaning.”

Justin’s story is what motivates us. Just as he understands more and more people must hear and see Jesus, we also know more and more students must hear and see Jesus.

We are so thankful for Jesus! He has called and privileged us to this gospel work. We’re thankful for Justin, Collena, Felix, Charlie, Sergio, Kristy, and all of the other students whose lives we’re intimately involved with. We’re thankful for our staff team, whose hearts burn for God’s glory as much as ours. We’re thankful for the Holy Spirit, who regenerates the sinner’s heart, and who enables us for every good work.

Finally, and certainly not least, WE ARE SO THANKFUL FOR YOU: OUR MINISTRY TEAM. Without your prayer and giving, we would not be able to do this work that we love. Students like Justin would not have made genuine friends on campus. And our NJ colleges would not have Christ being treasured, proclaimed and demonstrated.

SO THANK YOU for walking and persevering with us. And feel free to join Justin for an outreach he’s a part of at his school. Email us for info. 🙂

Joey and Jenn

Pleas & plaudits
-Pray God would open the doors for staff and students at OCC to begin a movement.
-Pray for a staff member in Venezuela, Kim Hiemstra. Doctors recently found a brain tumor.
-Praise that God is IN CONTROL, not us.
-Praise that our niece Angelina is doing well. Doctors plan on surgically removing the tumor soon.


    • Great,Video brother Joey!!I am glad and happy you and Jenn,had great fun for “ThanksGiving!!Praise,God He is using the both of you,in touching the Lives’ of so many!!Glad that Gianluca is eating,and doing well!!The is on the move doing so’ much,in our land’ isn’t He,on campuses’and in places’ one would not expect!Thank God for,the new’ Justin as well.Praise,the Lord for Angelina,as well.Well mighty,mighty’ I will continue to pray,for His provision’s 4 u both,as I am assured he will,complete all that needs’ to be done,as he is Faithful’!!Continue’ the Fire,of the Lord!!Godbless,your brother,Terry

  1. Very awesome stuff, Joey! Justin’s story is definitely encouraging! God is still in the business of changing lives!

    You have hosting for this blog, right? Have you heard of Disqus? It’s a blog commenting service that’s great because it goes cross-platform. I think it’d be cool to convert the commenting here to Disqus…

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